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10 reasons for students to visit Warsaw this summer

I finally decided to write a post about my city- Warsaw! Although I live abroad now, I visit home frequently, around every 3-4 months. Apart from running like crazy trying to fit seeing everybody during my short time home, I usually manage to visit some of my favourite places in the city as well.

Poland receives a growing number of tourists every year. With cheap flights from Europe to many Polish cities it’s easy to plan a weekend getaway to Warsaw or some of the other beautiful cities of Poland, like Cracow or Wrocław. Most of the activities I listed here are absolutely free or really cheap. According to need help with homework experts in every city I visit I like to just take strolls around the centre and the old town and soak up the atmosphere of the city so that’s exactly what I would recommend for anybody visiting Warsaw as well.

Here are some of my favourite places and things to do when I visit or when I have somebody over and want to show them the city. If you’ve never been to Warsaw or Poland, these spots will let you get to know a bit of polish history, culture and cuisine.

To see the panorama of the city from Palace of Science and Culture

According to study daddy at 237 metres, it is the tallest building in the country, dominating over all the other skyscrapers of the modern “city” part of Warsaw. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the 30th floor for a good start of the trip. I recommend discovering a bit of its interesting history: did you know it was a gift from the Soviet Union to the Polish people? I do not recommend going there in the summer on a Saturday- you may end up in a queue of over an hour!

To walk along The royal tract

The most beautiful and picturesque street of the city. Starting a walk at the palm tree roundabout (yes, we have a single palm tree in Warsaw) follow the Nowy Świat street and then Krakowskie Przedmieście. The elegant, fashionable street boasting many shops, restaurants and cafes takes you to the old town. On the way, you will also see many interesting historical spots and monuments.

TIP: find a Chopin bench and listen to some of the most beautiful compositions of this famous pianist (being played by a bench, no kidding)

To meet the locals at The royal castle square

The royal tract route leads you to the Royal Castle Square- the entrance to the old town. I love this open square, used for many locals as a meeting point to start their night in the old town. The square also opens a view to the other side of the Vistula river and the new National Stadium.

To get a picture with a mermaid in The old town

This part is the most charming tourist place of all. According to studydaddy the narrow, cobbled streets run between the colourful houses taking you first to the Market Square and then to the Barbakan and the New Town Market Square. You can enjoy an elegant meal in one of the restaurants serving traditional polish dishes, buy any kind of souvenir and take a picture with the Warsaw Mermaid monument.

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