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How to Establish the Object and Subject of Research

The methodology of scientific work is presented in the form of techniques used by the author in the course of the study. It is advisable to mark them after the main part of the project has been completed, when the will be able to specify the main tools and methods of working with information, and evaluate his actions.

The most common research methods are analysis, synthesis, deduction and induction, comparison, mathematical techniques, etc. Research methods can whistle about the specifics of scientific activity (field of science). For example, in programming, digital information processing, data coding, algorithmizing, mathematical statistics, probability theory, etc. are most often used.

What methods did the author use?

The reflection of novelty and significance emphasizes the uniqueness of the project: what new did the author bring, how did he solve the problem, how did the proposed actions and plans affect the object of study, what changes took place and what did they lead to. Novelty emphasizes precisely innovations, and significance - the impact of innovations on the result.

What is the novelty and significance of scientific work?

Putting forward a hypothesis of scientific work is an obligatory element that reflects the position of the author and the direction of following: what he intends to prove, defend, etc. Moreover, this criterion also specifies the direction of "scientific investigation": evidence base, information resources, potential result, etc.

It is allowed to design a hypothesis as a small paragraph or sentence. This option is actively used when writing the introduction of a dissertation. At the same time, it is possible to split the hypothesis into small components, which are described in the main provisions submitted for defense.

How to formalize the main hypotheses put forward by the author?

To assess the quality of the materials and actions of the researcher, it is advisable to highlight the results obtained and the possibilities of their use. Here, the will have to emphasize what he received in the course of the study, the degree of achievement of the intended goal, the prospects for further application of the results obtained (recommendations). This aspect will emphasize the novelty and significance of scientific work, add weight to it.

Evaluate the quality of the study and evaluate its results

In the "General characteristics of the dissertation" section, it is important to emphasize the key primary sources and the author's merits in the study of the chosen topic. Therefore, it is possible to briefly describe 2-3 main works that have become the basis, as well as add the author's personal merits in the study of the problem (own publications), the main actions during the experiment, etc.

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