VIVIT -the worlds only semi-synthetic human cadaver headlines the 2017 Anatomy Lab LIVE tour

VIVIT is a purposely engineered synthetic human cadaver. VIVIT is the next best thing to a real human cadaver, he houses real internal organs sourced from Swine origin. The organs are obtained from pigs due to their anatomical similarity to humans. Samuel Piri, VIVITS creator dissects VIVIT in our fully equipped mobile anatomy lab.

Samuel will talk about how the human body is studied before moving on to reveal VIVIT to the audience. He will being by removing VIVIT's skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles to reveal the skeleton. Audiences will get up close and involved as we broadcast the entire procedure to screens using state of the art AV equipment.

Once the skin has been removed Samuel will begin by opening the cranial cavity to extract and remove the brain and spinal cord. Samuel and his team will talk to audiences about the physiogical mechanisms that lead to Alzheimer's, Meningitis, CJD and Motor Neurone Disease.

Samuel will move on to open the chest cavity, revealing the trachea, lungs and heart. Samuel will demonstrate how the organs are adapted to allow for ventilation, and circulation -crucial in moving air in and out of the body to circulate Oxygen to respiring cells. Sam will then demonstrate how the body responds during exercise as well as examining the damage caused to the lungs by smoking. Turning towards the heart Samuel will explain how Myocardiopathy affects the heart along with how poor diet and indeed angina can lead to requiring an angioplasty, a by-pass or indeed a transplant. Samuel will give you a grasp of how the heart functions, its basic anatomy and how cardiac related diseases have adverse affects on health.

In the last part of the procedure Samuel will open the abdominal cavity to reveal the liver, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, kidneys and bladder. Samuel will explain how nutrients from your diet are broken down and absorbed into the body as well as a number of disorders affect the digestive system, these include Chron's disease, lactose intolerance and the common thread worm infection.

Following the staged procedure the breakout sessions offer you the chance to get hands on with the anatomical samples where you can examine real anatomy.

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