Is Anatomy Lab LIVE for me?

I often get asked this question. My answer? Absolutely! The human body is a fascinating machine, its something each and every one of us share in common, the one thing that unites us is the driving force of modern science to cure disease and treat illness.

Using VIVIT I aim to inspire you, capture your interest and share my fascination with how the human body works. As I dissect VIVIT we do so in a sensitive way, carefully observing and taking questions from the floor before we reveal the real anatomy. If at any point during the dissection experience you feel queasy our floor staff and the Anatomy Lab LIVE organisers are on hand to help. We often find those who are squeamish or hesitant at the beginning are often the most engaged during the event and leave with a different perspective afterwards.

I hope to show you beneath the skin, in a way that encourages you think about your body in a new way. You do not need a wealth of knowledge or understanding to attend Anatomy Lab LIVE either; We prefer to allow the anatomy to speak for itself. I will narrate exactly what you are seeing back to everyday biology in a way that all can access and understand...

I am privileged to have studied how the most sophisticated machine in the universe has come to function; together with VIVIT I hope to share it with you at an Anatomy Lab LIVE event soon...


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