Histories most horrific tortures


Carrying on our Halloween series of histories most horrific tortures, today we look at Scaphism. Developed by the Persians, scaphism was a torture method in which the victim would be tied between two boats or hollowed out tree trunks with their head and legs protruding, leaving their midsection unable to move. The victim was then forced to gorge on milk and honey to a point they would they would have aggressive bowel movements covering themselves in feces. These feces were then usually smeared into sensitive areas like the genitals or the face before additional honey was replied and the victim was then pushed out to float into a stagnant pond or to bake into the sun.

The mix of excrement and honey in the hot sun would become a breeding ground for various insects feasting on the unwilling victims' flesh. Honey and Milk were then continusley fed to keep repeating the process, attracting more insects but also keeping the victim alive and not die a quick death from dehydration. With so many insects crawling into the flesh gangrene would set in and the victim would eventually die from being eaten inside out. This would be a slow and agonizing process, with some deaths being held out to as long as 17 days.

We don't think we'll be able to look at honey and milk the same way again.


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