Could YOU survive a stabbing?

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

If you found yourself in this situation… the question is; Would you know how to keep

yourself or someone else alive?

We’re going to give you some simple tips.


1- Get to a safe place. (Run and hide)

Always place yourself in a position of safety before you help others.

2- Tell. It is vital to alert emergency services as quickly as possible.

Call 999 & give your name & phone number.

Relay information using the mnemonic ‘SLIDE’.

S = Situation (type of incident [stabbing] and if you can see attacker)

L = Location (describe where you are, where you are hiding, where the attacker is)

I = Injured numbers (any dead/Number of people injured)

D = Danger (such as weapon [knife])

E = Emergency services (the operator will inform emergency services).


There is a seven-fold increase if emergency services reach patient before cardiac arrest.


A reduction in response time from emergency services by just 1 minute has equated to an

increase in chance of survival by 24%!

3- Assess situation.

  • Are they breathing? Look & feel (hand on chest) for 10 seconds.

  • Not breathing? Perform CPR if trained (30 compressions, 2 breaths).

  • Gain use of an AED (defibrillator) if possible.

  • Is there severe Bleeding (knife wound)?

  • If the wound is superficial, cover & press with anything available (shirt, tie, scarf, sock).

  • If wound is deep, you need to pack the wound. For example, place a finger or fist in the wound to apply pressure.

If the knife wound is in a limb.

Apply pressure and elevate the limb e.g. use a box or hold the leg.

If bleeding is not controlled despite efforts (limb bleeds only), you need to apply a


A- Wrap material (scarf/t-shirt/tie) and cross both ends

B- Insert a tourni-key (fork, stick etc.): Twist the rod to twist the material and stop the bleeding

C- Secure the rod to make sure it doesn’t unravel

D- Bleeding still present? Apply a second tourniquet above the first and repeat the process

described above.

E- Always record the time the tourniquet was applied and don’t remove unless you’re told to

by a medical professional.

4) Handover.

When emergency services reach you, handover using MIST.

M = Mechanism: What happened?

I = Injury: where is the wound?

S = Signs & Symptoms: breathing? Pulse rate? Conscious/Unconscious?

T = Treatment Given: Time tourniquet used & dressings used?


Finally, we suggest you all download Citizenaid.

An app developed by a charity organisation which will empower you to save lives in various

forms of attack! Knife, shooter, vehicle, explosions, acid burns and more.

It’s been developed by top Birmingham trauma professors and professors within the British



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